Frequently Asked Questions

Collected for you below are the most commonly asked questions. If any subject you would like covered is missing, please feel free to contact us.

Why should I buy your product if I can google everything myself?

Each of our Starters is a complete guide illuminating all the crucial stages of the relevant business type. Our team conducts extensive market research to get valuable market insights that you won’t be able to google yourself. Our product will save you tons of time, effort and money. Even good start-up ideas fail with the wrong implementation. That’s frustrating, but it’s all the more frustrating knowing that just a few timely bits of information may have brought about an entirely different result. Want to make all the right choices? The first is choosing our product.

How do I get my package?

The process is very simple. After placing your order and completing your payment, you receive an automated e-mail with your chosen product attached. If for some reason you don’t receive your package within 24 hours, just contact our support team and your issue will be resolved in a matter of hours.

Where is my package?

If you have paid for your package but not received it, please check your SPAM folder first. Our e-mails have never been categorized as SPAM before, but it could happen for technical reasons. If your package is not in your SPAM folder either, please contact us, and we will resolve the issue promptly. Please note that delivery of your package may take up to 24 hours.

I provided the wrong e-mail address when placing my order. How can I get my guide now?

Nothing to worry about. Just drop us a line using our contact form, and you will receive your order shortly.

I'm a newbie when it comes to online business, and English is not my first language. Will I still be able to use your guide?

We do our best to keep the language in our Starters as simple as possible. Our Instructions are clear, well structured and accompanied by photos, screenshots, links to useful sources, charts, diagrams and other helpful visuals. Even a schoolkid could open the file and start following the instructions immediately. And you don’t have to take our word for it: access the preview version of YouTuber, one of our bestselling packages, and see for yourself.

Can you guarantee me success?

We would love to say yes, but that would be a lie. Think of our product as a gym membership. When you join a gym, you have the right to expect state-of-the-art equipment, good facilities and a motivating atmosphere. At the end of the day, however, your ambition and will power will determine whether you reach your goals. We provide you with exclusive knowledge. The rest depends on your effort.

Why do I have to pay that much?

Let us tell you a little secret. The real value of some of these packages is not dozens or even hundreds but rather many thousands of US dollars. That’s how much we spend on the initial in-depth research that goes into making each Starter. We can offer them to you at a huge discount only because we sell in volume.

If you sell your product so many times then it loses its exclusiveness. So how can it give me an advantage over my competitors?

We completely understand your concern but can assure you that you have nothing to worry about. First, our sales are just a drop in the ocean compared to the world population. Second, each person will use the package in his or her own way. A YouTuber may choose to start a blog, for example. And last but not least, our internal research shows that many customers buy our guides for educational purposes only.

I already have an online business. Can your starters be of any help to me?

Our Starters are assembled by a practiced team of experts who spend hundreds of hours on research and brainstorming to identify the most critical issues. Even an experienced businessperson like you will find something to help improve his or her performance.

The information changes all the time. How do you keep up?

Very good question. To keep up with the latest market trends, we update all our packages regularly. Every new package comes with brand-new market insights. If you have already bought an earlier version of a package, you can purchase the updated version at a generous discount. When placing your order, you will be able see what sections and subjects in the guide have been updated since the last issue.

Can I suggest a research topic for you?

Please do. If we get enough requests for a certain topic, we assume there is enough demand and proceed to research and create the relevant package. As soon as the package is finished, we inform everyone who requested it.

Can I really get my money back as you say? How?

Getting your money back is easy and can be done in two ways. The first is quite straightforward. If you find elsewhere a similar package at a substantially lower price, simply show us and you will receive a full refund. Alternatively, if you can demonstrate to us that our product was useless to you, we will not hesitate to give you back what you paid and apologize for wasting your time. We assure you, however, that this has never happened to us before.

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